Bicycle Accident Lawyers

Road bike accidents causing serious harm needing a lawyer.

Have You Been In A Road Biking Accident?

Accidents that happen while on a bicycle are more devastating than if you were in a car, especially if this bike accident happens with a motor vehicle. The physical injures that are sustained are usually more traumatic and take more time to heal from than an accident in a car. This could mean a loss of wages and even not being able to go back to work. The effects of a road bicycle accident may be felt for weeks or even years, with some injuries being more than physical, such as emotional harm, or brain injury resulting in some form of mental impairment. 

At Hanson & Co, our bike injury lawyers put you first and have only your best interests at heart. We have extensive experience securing damages for clients for injuries both minor and major. We understand that your concerns extend beyond the immediate injury to such things as loss of wages, and the cost of care. Don't wait and call today regarding your bicycle accident. You call is 100% free and confidential. Let us help you so you can focus on what matter most, recovering. 


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