36 B.C. Priests in Vancouver Archdiocese are Allegedly Involved in Sexual Abuse

36 B.C. priests in Vancouver Archdiocese identified as allegedly involved in sexual abuse | Hanson & Co Lawyers

In a report dated November 25, 2019, the diocese revealed its results regarding sexual abuse by its clergy. The report can be found here:

Clergy who were criminally convicted:

  • Paul J. Blancard
  • George Gordon 
  • John McCann, OMI 
  • Harold McIntee, OMI 
  • Alfred Frank Louis Sasso 

Clergy with lawsuits settled:

  • Lawrence Edward (Damian) Cooper 
  • Antero Sarmiento 

Clergy named in other public cases:

  • Edwin Budiman 
  • John Eason
The report also found that three of their priests had fathered children. It is important to note that in these historical cases, victims who came forward were required to sign confidentiality agreements, which meant that their stories were not made public.  The Archdiocese has stated that it has waived any agreements that were previously signed.

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