Car, Motorbike, Bicycle and Boat Accidents

Car, motorcycle, cycling and boating accidents can be the cause of significant physical and psychological impairment.

Injuries can be visible (physical) and invisible (emotional/cognitive). When accidents occur, people who are not at fault can suffer from minor to serious injuries. Injuries which interfere with their work, personal life & activities, ability to earn an income (present and future), interfere with their educational goals, or the ability to care for others and their family.

People’s lives suffer in numerous ways as a result of injuries ranging from whiplash, soft tissue injuries, muscle trauma, broken bones to spinal cord and traumatic brain injuries, including headaches to concussions (minor and major). Injuries minor or major need to be represented to achieve the maximum settlement.

If an accident does occur, attempt to get the information of the other parties involved in the accident, including their vehicle license plate number and other identification details.

If there has been any witnesses to your accident, get their names and contact information. Taking photographs of the accident site is also extremely helpful and making a few notes of what happened is a good starting point for helping you recreate the accident when we meet.

Most importantly, see your doctor as soon as you can to advise him/her of the accident.

Give a full description of how you are feeling, your symptoms, pain, or anything unusual, no matter how small it may be. Starting at your head and working down to your toes is a good map to follow.

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