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Car crash needing a lawyer to fight against ICBC.

ICBC Accident Lawyers

Perhaps the most common type of injury involves road vehicles. These injuries can be devastating and can result in long-tern or even permanent disability. Whiplash is common, as are muscle trauma and broken bones. There is also the risk of concussion. The effects of a road vehicle accident may be felt for weeks or even years, with some injuries being more than physical, such as emotional harm, or brain injury resulting in some form of mental impairment. 

Regardless of whatever type of injury you have suffered, Hanson & Co are your personal injury lawyers Vancouver. While most companies accept as a truism that the client always comes first, at Hanson & Co it is more than just a guiding principle, it’s our entire way of doing business. Our experienced and sympathetic lawyers will treat you more like family than clients. 

Having over 30 years experience and knowledge of dealing with ICBC we know how to get you the compensation you deserve. Before you settle with ICBC know your rights and what compensation you are entitled to. Call today for your free consultation.


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